Baptisms up to and including the year 1920. Listing not necessarily complete.
Key: B=Birth Date shown   A=Abode shown   F=Father's name shown   M=Mother's name shown   T=Father's trade shown
*Mult: Person's Baptism appears in more than one Register.

FROST, Ada Frances Isabel22-12-1895St Paul's Baptisms 1891-1896495AFMT
FROST, Adam Barber18-03-1804Mill St. Cong. Baptisms 1770-1848195FMAged 1 week. Baptized Newport Parish.
FROST, Alfred Harold17-11-1880St Paul's Baptisms 1878-1884330AFMT
FROST, Alfred Joseph Wheldon04-12-1898St Paul's Baptisms 1896-1904282AFMT
FROST, Alice Jane27-11-1887Holy Trinity Baptisms 1887-189687AFMT
FROST, Alice Mary18-06-1893St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1887-1898AFMT
FROST, Anne27-06-1725St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1702-1742454AFM
FROST, Anne02-09-1787St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1769-1802376AFM
FROST, Anne06-08-1826Hope Ind. Chapel Births & Baptisms 1815-183771BAFMBaptized and Registered by J. Lewis, Protestant Dissenting Minister.
FROST, Arthur Adam04-09-1873St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1865-1886774AFMT
FROST, Arthur Stanley30-07-1879St Paul's Baptisms 1878-1884136AFMT
FROST, Catharine20-12-1818Hope Ind. Chapel Births & Baptisms 1815-183728BAFMBaptized and Registered by J. Lewis, Protestant Dissenting Minister.
FROST, Charlotte Tudor03-11-1817St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1812-1824254AFMT
FROST, Edward23-06-1766St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1742-1768487AFM
FROST, Edward12-11-1795St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1769-1802555AFM
FROST, Edward17-09-1797St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1769-1802601AFM
FROST, Edward27-07-1822St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1812-1824638AFMT
FROST, Edward Granville04-08-1872St Paul's Baptisms 1868-1874543AFMT
FROST, Edward John Allen18-08-1875St Paul's Baptisms 1874-1878304AFMT
FROST, Edward Tudor01-03-1825St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1824-183968AFMT
FROST, Elisabeth13-01-1793St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1769-1802498AFM
FROST, Elisabeth16-09-1822St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1812-1824656AFMT
FROST, Elizabeth31-10-1748St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1742-1768137AFM
FROST, Elizabeth09-04-1815Hope Ind. Chapel Births & Baptisms 1815-18376BAFMBaptized and Registered by Jenkin Lewis, Protestant Dissenting Minister.
FROST, Elizabeth Ann27-02-1884Holy Trinity Baptisms 1878-1887910AFMT2 yrs. 4 mos.
FROST, Elizabeth Jane04-09-1892St Paul's Baptisms 1891-1896178AFMT
FROST, Ellen17-12-1820Hope Ind. Chapel Births & Baptisms 1815-183740BAFMBaptized and Registered by J. Lewis, Protestant Dissenting Minister.
FROST, Ellen Matilda20-11-1889Holy Trinity Baptisms 1887-1896482AFMT
FROST, Ellen Wheldon30-10-1889St Paul's Baptisms 1884-1891658AFMT
FROST, Emily Nora26-02-1888St Paul's Baptisms 1884-1891452AFMT
FROST, Ernest Gordon22-04-1884St Paul's Baptisms 1878-1884780AFMT
FROST, Evelyn Hope22-11-1882St Paul's Baptisms 1878-1884582AFMT
FROST, Frances May30-05-1877St Paul's Baptisms 1874-1878620AFMT
FROST, Frederick Donald15-05-1889St Paul's Baptisms 1884-1891614AFMT
FROST, George23-06-1843St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1839-1847423AM
FROST, Grace Mitchell17-11-1909St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1905-1918517BAFMT
FROST, Hector Hamilton23-04-1902St Paul's Baptisms 1896-1904556AFMT
FROST, Henrietta Mary12-01-1859St Paul's Baptisms 1857-1868313AFMT
FROST, Henry Hunt03-11-1822Hope Ind. Chapel Births & Baptisms 1815-183753BAFMBaptized and Registered by J. Lewis, Protestant Dissenting Minister.
FROST, Henry John29-12-1869St Paul's Baptisms 1868-1874166AFMT
FROST, Hilda Fanny25-04-1897St Paul's Baptisms 1896-1904117AFMT
FROST, Hilda Gladys12-08-1885St Paul's Baptisms 1884-1891157AFMT
FROST, Inez Alice20-06-1915Holy Trinity Baptisms 1915-191917BAFMT
FROST, James12-12-1824Hope Ind. Chapel Births & Baptisms 1815-183765BAFMBaptized and Registered by J. Lewis, Protestant Dissenting Minister.
FROST, Jane19-08-1722St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1702-1742932AFM
FROST, Jemima29-03-1846St Paul's Baptisms 1844-1857280AFMT
FROST, John25-08-1723St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1702-1742428AFM
FROST, John17-06-1751St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1742-1768198AFM
FROST, John09-11-1783St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1769-1802311AFM
FROST, John * (see below)03-07-1785St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1769-1802339AFM
FROST, John01-03-1795St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1769-1802535AFM
FROST, John22-07-1813St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1812-182486AFMT
FROST, John04-11-1813Hope Ind. Chapel Births & Baptisms 1815-18371BAFMBaptized by the Revd. John Rees, Minister at Newport and registered by J. Lewis, Protestant Dissenting Minister.
FROST, John22-04-1888St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1887-1898277AFMTAged 22*
FROST, John22-04-1888St Luke's Chapel Baptisms 1877-1922240AFMT*
FROST, Joseph Reginald20-01-1874St Paul's Baptisms 1868-1874772AFMT
FROST, Joseph Rickards27-02-1884Holy Trinity Baptisms 1878-1887909AFMT
FROST, Laura Kate20-06-1915Holy Trinity Baptisms 1915-191918AFMT
FROST, Louisa Gertrude15-03-1891St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1887-1898944AFMT
FROST, Margarett22-10-1706St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1702-1742851AF
FROST, Marianne16-09-1822St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1812-1824655AFMT
FROST, Marjorie Lilian29-10-1919Holy Trinity Baptisms 1919-192375BAFMT
FROST, Mary25-05-1730St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1702-1742543AFM
FROST, Mary13-07-1783St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1769-1802774AFM
FROST, Mary25-10-1801St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1769-1802688AFM
FROST, Phillis Mary15-02-1891St Paul's Baptisms 1891-189611AFMT
FROST, Reginald John21-04-1895St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1887-18981732AFMT
FROST, Rhoda Ann29-04-1855St Paul's Baptisms 1844-18571566AFMT
FROST, Robert Henry07-01-1857St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1847-1865748AFMT
FROST, Rosa Emma18-03-1885Holy Trinity Baptisms 1878-18871104AFMT
FROST, Samuel01-01-1702St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1702-1742836AF
FROST, Sarah09-11-1806Mill St. Cong. Baptisms 1770-1848251AFMAged 7 weeks.
FROST, Sarah16-02-1817Hope Ind. Chapel Births & Baptisms 1815-183720BAFMBaptized and Registered by J. Lewis, Protestant Dissenting Minister.
FROST, Sidney Harry27-02-1884Holy Trinity Baptisms 1878-1887911AFMT4 yrs. 10 mos.
FROST, Susannah12-01-1797St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1769-1802582AFM
FROST, Thomas22-04-1727St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1702-1742485AFM
FROST, Thomas06-04-1752St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1742-1768569AFM
FROST, Thomas25-03-1757St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1742-1768309AFM
FROST, Thomas03-06-1787St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1769-1802374AFM
FROST, Thomas14-06-1789St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1769-1802419AFM
FROST, Thomas03-11-1817St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1812-1824253AFMT
FROST, Thomas22-08-1831St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1824-1839590AFMT
FROST, Thomas Henry09-10-1853St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1847-1865474AFMT
FROST, Thomas James29-12-1869St Paul's Baptisms 1868-1874165AFMT
FROST, Victoria Florence Elizabeth03-04-1887St Paul's Baptisms 1884-1891339AFMT
FROST, William12-02-1754St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1742-1768576AFM
FROST, William01-01-1761St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1742-1768380AFM
FROST, William10-03-1791St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1769-1802456AFM
FROST, William08-08-1837St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1824-1839134AFMT
FROST, William Clark25-10-1854St Paul's Baptisms 1844-18571523AFMT
FROST, William Frank14-11-1888St Paul's Baptisms 1884-1891545AFMT

* The Baptism of John Frost (the Chartist). He was actually the second son of John and Sarah called John (see the previous entry in the listing). The first John died and was buried on 23rd December 1784 (source: St Woolos Parish Burial Registers). Thus John Frost the Chartist was born in 1785, and therefore the often quoted birth year of 1784 for him is wrong.