Baptisms up to and including the year 1920. Listing not necessarily complete.
Key: B=Birth Date shown   A=Abode shown   F=Father's name shown   M=Mother's name shown   T=Father's trade shown
*Mult: Person's Baptism appears in more than one Register.

SEYS, Catharine11-04-1739St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1702-1742755AFM
SEYS, Cecilia Eliza05-06-1849Wes.-Meth. Npt. Circuit Baptisms 1: 1840-1850357BAFM
SEYS, Charles Rowland28-09-1847Wes.-Meth. Npt. Circuit Baptisms 1: 1840-1850231AFMAge 5w.
SEYS, Charles William28-12-1845Wes.-Meth. Npt. Circuit Baptisms 1: 1840-1850147AFMAge 3w. Own House.
SEYS, Elizabeth22-02-1709St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1702-1742158AFM
SEYS, Elizabeth20-02-1716St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1702-1742313AFM
SEYS, Elizabeth01-06-1737St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1702-1742712AFM
SEYS, Florence12-01-1740St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1702-1742800AFM
SEYS, Grace Jane01-11-1880St Paul's Baptisms 1878-1884325AFMT
SEYS, Jane03-09-1743St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1742-176835AFM
SEYS, John Aeneas23-08-1885St Paul's Baptisms 1884-1891163AFMT
SEYS, Lilian Hilda25-08-1886St Paul's Baptisms 1884-1891269AFMT
SEYS, Margaret12-02-1721St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1702-1742398AFM
SEYS, Margaret13-05-1735St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1702-1742666AFM
SEYS, Violet Ann03-04-1882St Paul's Baptisms 1878-1884512AFMT
SEYS, William07-04-1703St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1702-174221AF
SEYS, William07-11-1712St Woolos Parish Baptisms 1702-1742216AFM